Welcome to Fashion Dori Clothing, India

Welcome Fashion Dori Clothing, India

Welcome to Fashion Dori, India. We love Indian Craftsmanship and its craftsman., then we love Indian weavers lets start blogging!

By fashion, what do you mean?
Clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, hairstyles, and body posture are all forms of self-expression and autonomy throughout a certain time and place in a specific context. The phrase alludes to a style that has been designated as trendy by the fashion industry.

What does Dori’s name mean?
The meaning of the name Dori in Greek baby names is “gift.” renowned bearer In Greek mythology, Doris was Oceanus’s daughter and gave birth to the sea nymphs known as Nereids.

we understand *DORI* in Hindi, India. a ROPE, yes it is.   

Fashion Dori firmly believing in sustainable fashion, India.

So we are going to have our new sustainable clothing brand in India. Lets have our key points are below:

*What are a few sustainable fashion examples?*

sustainable fashion illustration
Popular sustainable fashion components are:
Fair-trade, working conditions, and production are all aspects of ethical fashion.
Recycling, upcycling, and thrifting in circular fashion.
Slow fashion is shared and rented, and conscious fashion is environmentally responsible.

Fashion Dori is solely responsible towards our Motherland India. 

What does fashion sustainability mean?

The word “sustainability” most frequently refers to the environmental effects of producing (creating, processing, and manufacturing from raw materials), using and caring for (using), and discarding clothing (end of use).

Thanks you so much.

picture source: Outlook India


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