What We Do?

Fashion Dori & Indian Craftsmanship 

India has a diverse crafts industry that is rich in history, culture, and religion. Each state in India has a unique craft that shows the impact of various rulers. Crafts have been ingrained as a culture and custom in rural areas for ages.

we connect to culture and custom of different states by local people and request to promote by selling their products made inspired by their culture and customs. Fashion dori believe in helping to their children to get right to education, right to good health and high standard living as well.

We Deal In?

Fashion Dori & Products We Deal. 

Fashion Dori, as we tell that we love India firmly believing, dealing in Indian antiques, art, baskets, paper Mache, ceramics, clock making, Indian embroidery, block printing fabrication, decorative painting, glass work, handmade looms fabric, fashion Dori designer furniture, gifts, home décor, jewelry, plant based leather crafts, metal crafts, paper crafts, pottery, puppets, stone and wood works are just a few of the numerous tribal crafts produced in India since 2019.

In 2022, we set mission to achieve #SustainableFashion completely till 2025 in our online & physical stores. To promote UNITED NATIONS mission and step forwarding to achieve Sustainable Fashion goals.

Through the Alliance, the United Nations pledges to alter the course of fashion, lessen its detrimental effects on the environment and society, and make it a catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Sustainable Fashion Clothing collections is about to launch in the month of December 2022. Stay Tuned

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Fashion Dori CSR Partner

Several fields have seen an impact from the CSR movement. As an illustration, numerous businesses have implemented strategies to increase the environmental sustainability of their operations, such as adding renewable energy sources or buying carbon offsets. As part of controlling supply chains, initiatives have been made to end the use of unethical labor practices like child labor and slavery.

Although large organizations have traditionally been the ones to implement CSR program, small businesses can also engage in CSR through more modest initiatives like making donations to neighborhood charity and supporting regional events.