Sustainable Materials

Fashion Dori Sustainable Materials


Which materials can be considered sustainable?

Materials that can be produced in sufficient numbers for use across our consumer and industrial sectors without consuming non-renewable resources or disrupting the environment’s and major natural resource systems’ established steady-state equilibrium are known as sustainable materials.

Plant Based Leather


What are the plant based leather?

Plant-based materials are replacing leather manufactured from animals in the market, which is changing. Cacti, pineapple leaves, mycelium, and apple scraps are some of the most innovative materials now used in the leather industry.

Plant Based Leathers

*Pinatex* Leather


Is Pinatex leather eco-friendly?

These issues are addressed by Pinatex, a sustainable textile that is produced from natural waste materials, uses little water, generates little production waste, and doesn’t include any toxic chemicals or animal products. For raw materials, no additional environmental resources are needed.

Pineapple Fibers Made Fabric & Leather

Vegan Cactus Leather

Fashion Dori Sustainable Materials As Cactus Leather


Is leather from cactus excellent?

As a result, it may be used to create vegan cactus leather, which is a much more environmentally friendly option than imitation or animal leather. It is a robust, organic substance with exceptional resistance to tearing, rubbing, and abrasion. The leaves of the Nopal cactus plant are used to make cactus leather.

Cork Leather


A cork leather can it biodegrade?

In reality, cork trees have a lifespan of 100 to 300 years. Natural and eco-friendly materials include cork. It entirely biodegrades and is easily recyclable without leaving behind any hazardous residues. Screw caps’ plastic parts cannot be recycled. 

Cork Fabric, sometimes known as “cork leather,” is merely cork that has been processed to resemble leather. These so-called cork leather’s benefits include its low weight, water resistance, suppleness, and quietness that lasts a lifetime. The majority of cork is produced in Europe and Portugal, and it is entirely vegan and natural.

Fashion Dori Cork Leather Bags

recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic Fabric