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With a goal to assist brands and busy entrepreneurs in doing BaatCheet and become Social Media Influencers, Surya has developed BaatCheet Media now!.

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Yes, We shared our fashion dori journey to #baatcheetmedia and we firmly believe that STORYTELLING, By providing you with a fundamental structure to use for your individual story, a storytelling technique aids you in drawing from the universal elements that all stories have. This blend of traditional form and individual creativity. enables you to make a strong connection with your audience.

Anoushka Jolly

Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar Awardee 2023.

Anoushka Jolly the one who fight against the bully and made anti-bullying app from India 🇮🇳
She’s making India proud and creating history day by day.
Recently, Honorable Prime Minister Of India Shri Narendramodiji awarded and wrote about her.

Youngsters like Anoushka Jolly have shown remarkable compassion and innovation. She is diligently working on an App and other online programmes to spread awareness against bullying. Glad that she is now a Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar awardee.

Anoushka Jolly (Friendship, Empathy & Support) : Who is the 13-year-old Anoushka Jolly, who earned a financial prize of Indian Rupees. 50 lakh on “Shark Tank India”? 

Meet Anoushka Jolly, a student in Class 8 who won funding for her business idea on the reality competition “Shark Tank India.” The 13-year-old made an appearance on the programme to promote her anti-bullying app, “Kavach,” for which she obtained funding of Rs 50 lakh. 

The app’s simple but significant goal is to spread across the country, get in front of as many kids and schools as it can, and inform them of the value of anti-bullying. Additionally, it will host one-on-one consultations and webinars against bullying across the nation.

The “Kavach” app would enable children and parents to anonymously report bullying situations, providing schools and counsellors the chance to diplomatically intervene and take action. Using the platform and application, Jolly, a student at Pathways School in Gurugram, hopes to create a strong network of anti-bullying ambassadors who will follow the development of individuals who have been directly or indirectly affected.

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Chetan VERMA 🇮🇳

He has founded Fashion DORI  (Sustainable Fashion), Indian Fashion Follower (In House Designer Wear

Pandemic forced him to learned skill brewing coffee and while learning sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, A thought come and he decided to tell about coffee by podcasting on Instagram page BAATCOFFEEKI along with Baat Coffee Ki (to be revealed soon)

keeping Sustainability mission in mind, as he mentions to launch 100% Sustainable Footwear to worldwide on 24/12/2022 and going to launch the new ecofriendly Premium Lifestyle Shoe Brand KAPAS PADUKA (green imprints on time) in 8th February 2023 from INDIA 🇮🇳.

Surprisingly He do the Law practice In Allahabad High Court too., more skills has been added which he revealed one of them as Certified digital marketing by #GOOGLE in 2018.

he love adding skills every year. 

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Surya Pasricha

Surya organized the first-ever gathering #Baatcheet at Lodhi Garden.

With a goal to assist brands and busy entrepreneurs in doing BaatCheet and become Social Media Influencers, Surya is now developing BaatCheet Media.
But first, let me tell you about how he accomplishes that.
Before realizing that studying computer science was not for me, I began my adventure by enrolling in a BBA programmed for a whole year. I then received admission to Symbiosis International University. Later on, a strong interest in startups, marketing, research, and content production began to emerge. He never imagined that it could manage the full event, let alone one with attendees from different industries.

Then, all of a sudden, lockdown occurred on a lovely day. Ardently had only begun to look into the realm of research when she had been offered a place as a research intern at the Stockholm School of Economics.
Won the best paper prize at an international conference for a study on “Whistleblowing Intentions Amongst Nurses in India.”
founded a research-based (Edtech) business with a global staff. Our goal was to link students and those who were interested in research with academics from prestigious institutions throughout the world.
He began working in advertising full-time even before getting graduated.
he was accepted into the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Bootcamps in my third year of college.
He was one of the few people from India to be chosen! 

helped consumers and SME’s be sure that green is truly green by working to create a tailored energy certification marketplace for the EU!
He was given the freedom to conceive of huge ideas at MIT, and one day he had the thought, “Surya, why don’t you start a podcast?”
He began the “Discussions Delivered Podcast,” with the simple goal of “Bringing Stories of People and Leaders from Everywhere in the World.”
TEDx speakers, former army officers, scientists, venture capitalists, as well as some of India’s top content creators, including Avanti Nagral, Ishan Sharma, Shreya Pattar, and Mrs. India Perfect Smile, were among the 21 celebrities from over 7 nations that were hosted. Delivered more than 59000 impressions! Eventually earned a significant break when he was chosen for the Nas Summit from among 15,000 applicants as one of 600 worldwide creators!

He asks himself, “What if everyone had the opportunity to learn about, read about, and discuss the subjects that really mattered to them?” almost every day.
Not to mention how empowering that would be. What would you do if there were no restrictions, I was taught by MIT Bootcamps?
The mere concept is so potent. SURYA:

Riya Gadhwal

Competent in coordination, model UN, communication, graphic design, market planning, and marketing management. Strong business development professional pursuing a BBA with a marketing, international business, and finance concentration from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies in NOIDA. Secretary General having a track record of success in the professional training and coaching sector.

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Vatsal Lunawat (Venture Capitalist)

BBA graduate producing business and financial material using the straightforward principle of “Learn, Apply, Share.” On Twitter and LinkedIn, I write about business, finance, and venture capital.
a prospective venture capitalist seeking to improve his skills by gaining real-world experience working with established professionals.

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THE Divyansh Tuteja

His most famous phrase is “Covid-19 Pandemic happened, fortunately or tragically.” He first started creating videos at this time. Due to his camera phobia, some were better than others. But he was determined to persevere, and as a result of his love for producing valuable content, he was able to establish a community of more than 40,000 learners on Instagram.

He and his brother started Two2Projects in October 2020 in order to produce content. Here, they offer freelance services such as:
1. Graphic design, which includes creating bespoke logos, brochures, flyers, and doing photoshoots, among other things
2. Video editing – enhancing YouTube and short-form content providers’ personal branding
So far, this has been my adventure., to know more about DIVYANSH

Aniket RAJ (Student)

Aniket comes from unknown district of GIRIDHI Jharkhand and has vision to serve people by creating contents. 

Studying in Delhi University and trying to get his side hustle with his loved hobbies as Talking #story, Saying #poetry, Assist #voiceover, #contentcreating and #motivationalvideos.  

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He has experience in the marketing, branding, online services, vector, and web design fields. You can reach me by phone or email.
He adhered to noble ideals and modest living. His favourite lines to use in respect are:
*I appreciate you taking the time to review his profile.”

He is currently working as Chief Technology Officer at EVNT.ORG

  • Seeks to bridge the academic gap between Tier 1 and Tier 3 colleges. giving pupils exposure and creating a community among students so they can develop together
  • conducted 20+ online and offline events, interacting with Tier 3 college students and bringing industry professionals while providing varied exposure such as guidance and career pathways.
  • Coordinates all of the on-the-ground activities, including interactions with colleges, organisations, and students.
  • Signed partnerships with numerous brands and onboarded numerous top speakers.
  • Manages all of the social media post content. Due to my actions, I was chosen in the preliminary round for the EO GSEA New Delhi 2022 and to know more please do follow: ARYAN 

Storytelling makes language learning engaging and produces an immersive experience that enables Young Learners to take pleasure in speaking the language in a dynamic, occasionally stylistic, and enjoyable manner. By taking part, participants can develop an understanding of rhythm and structure.

The Akash Singh

a technological adventurer who is motivated by humanitarian goals. A special tech enthusiast who is equally interested in the application of his skills and concepts as in conquering new levels. determined to increase computer science knowledge’s efficiency and productivity.
hold a position of leadership in the public resources and management department and have years of experience working in the social welfare sector. they are also active members of the technical department at the organisational level. gifted in interpersonal relationships, persuasion, and team management.
Every task, when undertaken once, becomes brilliant due to the pressure and hard work involved. is still undergoing transformation (moving from 110 kg to 71 kg in 1.5 years).

a tech-based platform where a thousand or more social welfare organisations can interact and share ideas is the ambition of a visionary who wants to provide assistance to millions of people.

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Subham Rawal (Stock Pe)

Story: He made INR 50 lakhs when in college.

He was searching for ways to make money when he first started college, and by the time I finished, he had amassed about 50 lakhs.
The following is a list of the things he did:

1. Planning Unofficial Freshers- Since every new student looks forward to unofficial parties, I recognised a business potential and took over as the lead organiser. We used to charge $1,500 each student, which came to $16.5 lakhs from over 1100 students. The expense was obviously lot lower, which allowed me to earn 2 lakh rupees annually.

2. Unofficial Long Trips: He used to plan trips for the students to Goa and Manali. The typical profit after all costs would be in the range of 2 to 3 lakhs, which is once again a reliable source of income.

3. Startup – During college, he had a startup of my own where we developed a platform to link engineers, students, and designers with businesses who required them. In those days, freelancing was uncommon. With this technique, we made about 5 lakhs per month in net income.

After being in the Trading world for 5+ years now and building StockPe, He is planning to start a writing series where I will cover all the steps you need to take to master Stock Market starting from zero.

He will release one part weekly so that you can work on the steps mentioned and learn slowly. Good things take time.

Let me know if that sounds exciting to you. Also, I will be glad to know your doubts and any specific things that I should cover.

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The Familiar Voice Vishnu Chowdhary

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerance uncertainty: not knowing that comes next” He is host, copywriter and community builder.

Public speaker Vishnu Chowdhary has a stellar reputation for organising and hosting large-scale events.
His talents include the ability to use words to do daring theatrical acrobatics for crowds.
He has taught more than 1500 pupils the art of successful communication throughout the years.
He is adamant that growth comes from teamwork, communication, innovation, and dedication to any task.

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Rahul Sharma

An employee in business development now specialises in digital marketing and personal branding.
Having worked in the hospitality industry for more than 14 years, his specialty is in understanding the need and then offering a solution with strategic implementation.
he has developed skills in social media marketing, branding, copywriting, content creation, and mentoring YouTube content creators during previous employment.

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Soumya Dhani

With a Master’s in Psychology, she discovered that the field of international education was where I belonged. and worked as the University of Loughborough’s (UK) representative in India, a senior counsellor for Canada and the UK, and currently a business development manager overseeing domestic and international university collaborations. Within 5 months of joining N&N Chopras, she doubled her target as a university delegate and became the company’s top performance out of all 21 branches. On the basis of my broad education and professional experience.

She exceeded expectations in her subsequent organizations as well and kept adding new feathers to the organizations’ cap.

In her previous company, she successfully designed and launched two new products, opening up fresh revenue streams and boosting brand recognition. In managing a team, she has around 5 years of experience. 8 years have passed since started working. to more follow SOUMYA